Bridal Shower Guess the Wine Game (+ Free Printables)

guess the wine game

Is it just me, or do you feel like your always on the look out for bridal shower and baby shower games that aren’t totally cheesy? I don’t know if it stems from a been-there-done-that feeling, or a desire to class-up the female party experience, but I know I now burst with joy when I attend gatherings with unique activities. So when one of my girl friends said she wanted wine tasting to be her bridal shower game, I was all about it.

My good friend Hallie Creswell made the initial designs. (Yes, she is the pal referred to on my About page.) I love them because they are SO versatile and easily used for many party themes 🙂

guess the wine game


01. Chill wines in advance as needed.
02. Edit the downloadable pdf named “Wine Game Cards” to include your five wines and their descriptions. Adobe Reader is the best way to fill it in (and it’s free).
03. Print all included pdfs, cut out and set up with mystery wines. We chose to set up five wine stations throughout the party to encourage mingling and spread guests out.
04. Have guests taste wines and move between stations, matching each wine description with the wine they think is correct.
05. Collect and announce the wine-tasting winner!

Click to download!

guess the wine game

guess the wine game


Remember to record the answer key before disguising each wine bottle, so you don’t have to dismantle the wine tasting just to figure out the winner.

Also, remove or cover any branding near the top of the wine bottle, especially branded corks!

If you would like to cover the wine bottles with table napkins (like you see above), here’s the How To:

01. Fold the napkin in half, matching two opposite corners and creating a triangle.
02. Fold the top part of the triangle over, so that it touches the bottom of the napkin. (It will create a trapezoid shape.) Then place the wine bottle face down on the napkin.
03. Cross the two ends of the napkin over the wine bottle.
04. Flip the bottle over, and tie in a knot!

Have fun!


Click to download!


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