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beautifully and generously.



You know, if I think about it, I’ve always loved artistic creativity and making things with my hands. The feel of clay at a potter’s wheel, the moment a sewing project gets finished, the beautiful solitude of writing alone at night—all of these things I never questioned when I was younger. I just felt like doing it, and so I did.

But somewhere along the way of becoming an adult, all of my favorite creative activities got pushed to the margins. None of them quite seemed to fit in after a full day of work, then dinner, then, well, I haven’t seen my hubby all day, and all I want to do is crash on the couch and watch an old episode of The Office.

And while I loved that life, I kept feeling the pull towards something else, something missing around the edges that kept calling me back. And I wanted to feel the life-giving fullness of making something with my hands. I was tired of calling those desires of mine, not important enough.

This journey is the reclaiming of a creatively fulfilled life. It’s finding as an adult that creativity is an old friend—the same as remembered but also changed, matured maybe. Not in skill always, but in intentionality.

Disney is the self-proclaimed most magical place on earth. And there is something truly memorable about a Dole Whip and Splash Mountain on a hot day, the “snow” falling after the fireworks at Christmas time, or the feeling of rushing past rock walls and caves, Fastpass in hand and Indiana Jones theme song playing overhead. Just this last year, I was reminded of how magical meeting Cinderella is to a two year old.

In short, Disney’s jam is making a memorable experience.

I think we still crave this as adults. Or at least, I do.

I want BBQs and lawn games in the backyard, twinkle lights and dishes of warm food on a farm table, the sound of glasses clinking, the smell of warm bread, the taste of good wine, the feeling of laughter and home and friends.

I believe we can hope for these experiences in our lives, or…we can make them. We can make them for ourselves and for the people we love, for strangers and acquaintances and everyone in between.  I want to be a leader in designing beautiful moments for other people. I want to practice enjoying the process and savoring the experience.

Design. Create. Cultivate. is the home for all of this; it is the crossover where intentional moments and creativity meet.  The projects that you will find here—the tutorials, printables and recipes—all exist so that you may step into creating your own magic moments, and in doing so, find the process to be a life-giving, creative one.

I certainly don’t have this all figured out. But if we have one life, let’s live it by making lasting memories and beautiful moments. Let’s design, create and cultivate.



Hi! I’m Erika, founder and creative director of Design. Create. Cultivate.

I’ve worked in graphic + web design since 2010; although, for many years, I thought my goal was to become an English professor.  (I have a bachelor’s and master’s in English.) I’m a believer, a wife, and a reader. On most weekends, you can find me with a margarita at the beach, heading to a spin class, or embarking on my next DIY project.

Erika Pruett